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Parents were not allowed to open sealed caskets and see for themselves that the body within is indeed their son. This order is strictly enforced with a penalty of imprisonment if it is violated. Those lucky enough to join found overwhelming support which helped move them and their family forward.

In fact, many continue to support our veterans even today by volunteering in the VA hospitals and looking to help other mothers. This book pulls at your heartstrings — making you cry in places. I am humbled to read about these ordinary women who are seldom recognized as they face adversity with extraordinary strength and character. Please listen to their story and remember that women continue to suffer the same fate today — as soldiers continue to die in war.

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I highly recommend it! Thank you Ms. Costanzo for writing this book and allowing me to share in this special story of love, gratitude and faith. Simmons A story of duty and service, September 25, Although this memoir is short, the author has succeeded in presenting an interesting and entertaining story that encompasses those significant memories that will never be forgotten. The author has stated in this tome that when two people standing side by side witness the same event, their accounts will be strikingly different. Our Turn to Serve is about his main accomplishments during the late sixties — those he can still remember — a memoir to share primarily with his family and anybody else interested in the Vietnam experience.

Missions of Fire and Mercy Until Death Do Us Part, Author: William E. Peterson - NewsBlaze News

Dave makes a comment when first stepping out of the plane after arriving in Vietnam. To this day, he continues to feel guilty after losing a close friend. The author had to leave the bush for an emergency dental appointment. Would it have made any difference if he had stayed behind on that very day?

Could he personally have prevented his death? There are many more soldiers today carrying the same burden forty years later. Finally surviving his year-long tour, Dave returned home and quickly changed into civilian clothes after meeting his family at the airport. Our Turn to Serve is also a story of duty and service! There were friends, frustrations, mistakes, the occasional laughs, the sadness, losses and fear. This is what Dave focuses on in his story.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking a short story to learn more about what these young men had to endure for twelve months. Unbeknownst to all but the U. Now that the statute of limitations has expired, information about these Top Secret missions are available to the public; SF soldiers are now able to share their stories. The author categorized his story as fiction, but is surely written based upon his personal experiences in these missions. He admits to taking some liberties within the tome for the sake of the story, but it was difficult for me to determine the difference between fact and fiction.

Nevertheless, this is an exciting, edge of your seat read, as the author takes readers along on some of these forays into Laos. Each recon team has 2 — 3 Americans and several indigenous mercenaries from China, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam, who stealthily move through the jungles to verify intelligence reports for the higher ups. These teams are on their own during these 5-day missions, except for air support, which would take up to an hour to arrive.

So the jungles were packed with traveling battalion sized units of soldiers, trucking convoys of supplies, rest areas and training schools. Their most perilous mission will be to locate a suspected POW camp with live Americans while all this is going on — those teams have a feeling of dread like no other mission before. Although many soldiers died during these secret missions — complete teams simply vanished without a trace, their efforts significantly impacted how the war was fought in South Vietnam by eliminating supplies, weapons, armaments and enemy soldiers who never made it to the battlefields.

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Missions of Fire and Mercy and Chopper Warriors by William E. Peterson | Books in Review

Thank you for your service and welcome home! For some reason, Prey for the Sniper, took me a little while to get into. In this tale, there are three separate story lines that the author weaves together and finally clash together at the end.


A coke girl and mama san sandwich lady by day and VC at night, Tranh, a teenage girl, has a special mission that could end the war. They arrived late and missed their initial opportunity…one final chance remaining. The mama san sniper is good at her job and a great nemesis for the American sniper team who is tracking her, but only one of them will succeed. David also brings in characters from his earlier books — all missions of this mechanized unit for the 25th Infantry Division.

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This story seems to drag some as compared to his others and contains more typos. However, none of it interrupted the flow and I enjoyed the ending. Thank you, Mr. Allin, well done! Pucker Factor Memoir of A U. As a Vietnam Infantry veteran, I have always held the chopper pilots in the highest regard for always being there when needed. Without them, we would not have survived.

White Lion - Till Death Do Us Part [w/ lyrics]

These pilots were relentless and continued to ferry and land reinforcements with not much protection for themselves. They flew their machines through steady streams of gunfire, and yet, they continued as if they were invincible. The book follows Mr. Joyce from the first day he volunteers to fly planes in college, through his fixed wing flight training and later reassignment to a helicopter squadron, and then during his tour in Vietnam.

The author also has a fantastic sense of humor that sometimes catches you off-guard and will make you laugh out loud. After reading Pucker Factor 10, I have bumped up these pilots a couple of notches on my high esteem list. I also have a much better understanding of what these sky warriors had to endure in order to survive…sadly, many did not!

The training is rigorous, demanding, and sometime dangerous. The 3rd week final week entailed small teams to go into the Ashau Valley to gather intelligence and to locate an NVA Regimental headquarters. A program cadre member accompanies each team — failure for individuals to demonstrate skills from their first two weeks of training will result in expulsion from the class. Chambers and his team climb mountains and near the end of the week find themselves in a situation that was almost unbelievable; this hill was later immortalized as Hamburger HIll by the st grunts after their day battle to take the mountaintop.

As a former st grunt myself, I could relate to much of what the author wrote. I was familiar with the mentioned firebases and also patrolled through the Ashau Valley. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about these small LRRP teams — their missions and training to survive. Great job, Mr. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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Welcome home, bro! My personal knowledge of the Brown Water Navy is limited, at best, and I am unfamiliar with their equipment, tactics, and mode of operations. Although Ralph was already home by the time I had arrived in country, those shared areas were still very dangerous and very active with enemy soldiers and incoming supplies during my tour. Not saying this is bad, but sometimes there appears to be too much detailed information Navy speak — more than a lay person can absorb while reading.

I was especially intrigued with the smaller boats and four-men crews that went out on night ambushes — pulling up to the riverbank and beaching their craft — then watching for enemy movement. There is only one negative that prevented me from rating this book five stars and that is misspelled words. Cyril of Jerusalem 4th century : "By offering God our supplications for those who have fallen asleep, if they have sinned, we Notice that we are said by St. Cyril to offer Christ in the Eucharist for the sins of the faithful departed, to render God "favorable" to them, in other words, to obtain the completion of their divine pardon.

Saint John Chrysostom 5th century wrote in his Third Homily : "The apostles did not ordain, without good reason, a commemoration of the departed to be made during the celebration of the mysteries; for from it the deceased draw great gain and help. Why should our prayers for them not placate God, when besides the priest, the whole people stand with uplifted hands while the august Victim [that is, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist] is presented on the altar?

True, it is offered only for such as departed hence in faith. Finally, St. Maximus the Confessor 7th century wrote in his work Questions and Doubts page 90, : "Those departing this life not fully perfect must expiate that which is bad in their balance of good and bad as if by fire" the Greek here literally says, "as if they were being burned". All this should be evidence enough, from both Scripture and Sacred Tradition, that the teaching of the Church concerning purgatory includes both a "penal" and a "remedial" dimension.

In other words, it involves both the clearing of our remaining moral debt to God and the final healing and sanctification of the soul on its journey into the Heart of Divine Love. How can both of these things be true at once?